Welcome to The Heart Path of Wild Wolf

Gateway to the New Earth, the One Sun and all the realms; weaving it all together for community, peace and oneness.


Wolf poem II

“Think with the HEART and feel with the MIND”

I work with EarthStar medicine and Dragon Wisdom. My workshops and events assist in balancing and aligning the Spirit and Soul with our body and mind returning to our original soul DNA.

Inside each one of us we have the power to  reroot, reconnect, and realign. We have the power to manifest our visions, inspirations and dreams. We create our own lives as we are the creators.

I am dedicated to the spiritual path of EarthStar Medicine and Nature, honoring Spirit and the divine in all things.

Absolutely everything is sacred from the smallest animal to the largest mountain or ocean. There is a teaching in everything we see, feel and experience. Everything has a purpose. Everything is sacred. Everything is a ceremony; from drinking your morning tea to taking a shower in the evening. EarthStar Medicine is about Honor, Love, Respect, Right Relationship and Right Action. This is not only to the Creator, Mother Gaia, but to all living things. This way of life and these teachings are about being in touch with oneself and all things around you. It is about knowing and understanding, that we are all connected; we are all part of everything, weaving our threads into each other ~ everything is a part of you. Our Elders and ancestors hold the Wisdom and the answers, we are the creators dancing the web of life, and all our children hold the future.

I write about our Unity Consciousness, EarthStar Medicine, Dragon Wisdom, Ra, Activations, Ceremonies, Cosmic Events and different shamanic teachings weaving it all together and being a co-creator of the New Earth.


Enjoy and thank you for visiting.

I bless you and honor your radience, love and beauty.


If you want to know more or have any questions, email me on vesna.earth.mother@gmail.com.

One Sun and One Heart,

Nuurasól Vesna

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